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What to Consider When Buying Crabs and Shrimps

Crabs and shrimps are among the best seafood that most seafood lovers enjoy eating. Crabs and shrimps are both invertebrates, belong to the Crustacean family, and have ten legs. Crabs mainly live in coastal regions of fresh, salty, and brackish waters. Moreover, other types of crabs are terrestrial. Shrimps live on temperate, fresh, and tropical salt waters. Another difference between shrimps and crabs is that shrimps are crawlers while crabs are swimmers.

Crabs can be consumed as meat, cake, Louie, or can be added to salads. The best types of crabs to eat are Dungeness crabs, king crabs, snow crabs, lump crabs, and blue crabs. The Dungeness crabs have a sweet, flaky, tender, and succulent taste. The king crabs have a tasty and white king crab meat. When eating the king crab, one must use a cracker to break the hard spiny leg clusters to get to the meat inside the spears.

The snow crabs are sweet and are a staple in all seafood buffets. Snow crab legs are easy to break. Lump crabs have a sweet taste and can be added to salads. Blue crab meat is salty, tasty, and sweet. The whole carcass must be dissected and gills, legs, and claws removed for you to access the meat. Crabs can be steamed, grilled, fried, and baked.
Brown shrimps like Mexican brown shrimps and Northern brown shrimps are the best shrimps to order in a restaurant. They have different flavors, such as earthy, mild sweetness, and iodine, depending on the diet. Barbecuing, frying, boiling, and baking are some of the ways of preparing shrimps.

There are several tips that you must consider when purchasing shrimps and crabs in the marketplace. When purchasing both shrimps and crabs, make sure to buy them at the finest fish markets around your area. The Finest fish markets around your place of residence will assure you of fresh crabs and shrimps. The sellers at the finest fish markets are helpful in giving their customers information on the best ways of preparing the shrimps and crabs so as to meet your needs. It is important to note that you should only purchase frozen and whole shrimps.

Whole shrimps have shells, which prevent the frozen shrimps from losing its moisture. Dry shrimps are not appealing to the mouth.Shrimps with shells that are dull and scratchy are the best.Only select crabs that are alive during the purchasing process. It is very important to buy crabs that are alive since dead ones have rotten carcasses. Make sure that the crabs are stored in a dry places since storing them in water tanks makes them lose their reservoirs at a faster rate. Lastly, the best crabs are those that are odourless.

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